UPDATED 01/2017!

1. An E.A licence is required by law.
2. E.A rules regarding close season and methods in relation to the river season are in force on all river stretches. At any other time the closed season shall be at the
committee`s discretion on all club waters
 3. Keep nets allowed at the committee’s discretion, Apart from Lowerhouse where keepnets are banned except when a match is being held.
4. Every angler must be in possession of a landing net (NO SHARING)
5. Any angler found without a landing net will be told to leave the water.
6. Fishing is only allowed from permanent pegs. One angler per peg unless the second angler ia a juvenile or disabled and requires assistance.
Rods must be within 1m of the peg and no sharing of pods or rests allowed.
7. Angler must not damage the banks, walls or trees.
8. Rowley, Walverden and Foulridge can be fished all year round with upto 3 rods, All must be alarmed, on a pod and from one peg only.
8A Barbed hooks allowed maximum size 6.Double hooking allowed ledger only. On Walverden, Rowley and Foulridge
 9. Each Angler is responsible for removal from the fishery of all litter, line, shot and hooks from the area used.
10. Spinning and dead baiting using sea fish baits is allowed.
11. Live and dead baiting using coarse fish is strictly prohibited at Rowley lake, Lowerhouse Lodge, Walverden and Foulridge Reservoirs.
12. Membership card, Night membership card and Night Ticket must be shown upon request to an official club bailiff or a full club member on production of their ID card.
13. Failure to comply with 12 above may involve one or more of the following

a) liable to purchase a day ticket if in the day period

b) asked to leave

c)reported to the committee

14. Tents, camping and the lighting of fires or barbecues is strictly prohibited.
15. Night fishing is allowed for members 18 years old and over who have purchased the additional night fishing member's card available from Macks Angling Centre.

the annual fee is £10 and runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

No person under the age of 18 or none night ticket members allowed on the water at night related to or associated with a member who is night fishing

16. No fly fishing allowed (except of river Calder).
17. All coarse fish to be returned to the water.
18. Trout may be taken in accordance with E.A. rules.
19. All Bait tins are strictly prohibited on the bankside.
20. The use of firearms is strictly prohibited
21. The committee may close the waters at their own discretion.
22. No boating or remote control boats allowed. With the exception of bait boats at Rowley Lake, Walverden and Foulridge Reservoirs.
23. No alcohol allowed on any water.
24. All members must obtain a night ticket before night fishing on any club water where it is allowed.
25. Children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
26. No fish over 5lb and no Carp of any weight allowed in keepnets except in club matches.
27. Unhooking of fish must not be carried out laid on concrete or rough stony ground, unless suitably protected i.e unhooking mat etc.
Carp and Pike anglers must be in possession of an unhooking mat and use it for unhooking fish.
28 To book on and get a night ticket both memberships must be shown at one of the following shops to fish at Rowley,Walverden or Foulridge Reservoirs. Consecutive night fishing is allowed but booking multiple consecutive weeks is not allowed. The shops are:

Macks Angling Centre

Padiham Angling Centre

The complete Fisherman, Colne

Boyces, Nelson

Coarse & Carp, Accrington

29. If either of the two members cards require replacement, it must be obtained from the shop of origin at a cost of £4
30. Juveniles under 12 years of age fishing with an adult member can fish for free. Maximum of two juveniles per adult member.
31.Juveniles under 12 years of age fishing with a non-member adult must purchased a juvenile day ticket.Max of 2 Juveniles per non member adult
32. A non-paying juvenile under 12 years of age (ref rule 30) MUST forfeit his/her peg if a member wishes to fish. This can only take place if there is no peg available for the member to use.
33. A Paying Juvenile under 12 years of age (ref rule 31) does not have to forfeit his/her peg.
34. All juveniles (ref rule 30/31 ) must fish within a 4 peg radius of the responsible adult. (ref rule 25) and may only use ONE rod.
35. No keep nets allowed from Dusk until Dawn.
36. All rigs must be fish safe so that there is minimum risk of fish being tethered. No elasticated method feeders allowed, in-line method feeders allowed.
37. Hook and rig checks can be carried out at any time by any club official.

38.The committee empowers all its bailiffs to instruct an angler to leave the fishery or its immediate surrounding area for contravening any of the club rules and if necessary the police will be called.

39.Carp Fishing-Mainline must be a minimum breaking strain of 12lb. No braided mainlines.

40. Pike fishing- Minimum line breaking strain 12lb, Semi barbless trebles only!

41. Occupying a peg before dawn is prohibited unless you have booked on and have the night ticket.

42. Anyone found using a membership card not belonging to them will be barred from all club waters. The member whose card it is will be asked to attend a committee hearing.

43.When the night ticket holder member finishes fishing at any period and leaves the lake, the bivvy must be removed at the same time and not left to return to or for others to use. The first period of authorised night fishing.

It is not permissible to set up a bivvy claiming the peg all day purely to sleep in before your session commences, See Rule 14, camping is prohibited.

44.  Any member who has grievance including how the club is run by the committee should arrange a meeting with the the committee to discuss the situation and not air their comments on social media sites. Any member not following this procedure will be judged to be bringing the club into disrepute and will face possible sanctions.

A covering letter with the members grievance should be handed in to Mack’s Tackle shop from where it will be forwarded to the committee. Each letter must have the members membership number, full name and address written clearly on it or the complaint will be void.

45. For memorial matches to take place they must be listed in the year book and all matches are strictly members only. The dates to be arranged with the club Match Secretary. All memorial matches must have a minimum of 10 anglers booked on for them to take place and all entry fees must be pre-paid at Mack’s Tackle.

46 No bloodworm or joker allowed on any club waters.


All other rules apply as well as these Extra rules for LOWERHOUSE only

1. Barbless hooks only, maximum size 6.
2. No spinning on Lowerhouse.
3. Ground bait to be introduced via pole cup or feeder only.
4. To book on to get a night ticket both membership cards must be shown at macks angling centre.
5. Monday to Thursday consecutive night fishing allowed
6. A maximum of 4 members allowed per night only.
7. Only members with a valid night ticket are allowed to stay overnight ie dusk till dawn.
8. Only one of these nights can be fished: Thursday, Friday, Saturday. No booking Sat and Sun together.
9. Booking multiple night tickets for consecutive weeks is not allowed, Only one week can be booked at a time.
10. When the night ticket holder member finishes fishing at any period and leaves the lodge, the bivvy must be removed at the same time and not left to return to, or for others to use. The first period of authorised night fishing.

It is not permissible to set up a bivvy claiming the peg all day purely to sleep in before your session commences. See rule 14, camping is prohibited.

11. Members may use 2 rods at any one time from Nov 1st to Feb 29th but only dusk till dawn between 1st March and 31st Oct.The second rod must be on an audible alarm
This means that from 1st March to 31st of October during daylight hours only one rod may be used.

12. No floating Baits.

13. No fixed lead or feeder rigs allowed. They must be free running. No elasticated method feeders, in-line allowed.All rigs must be free running.
14. Keepnets are banned except during matches.